Tambako the JaguarBroad, Relevant Expertise

We have deep, relevant experience in every facet of running a modern, competitive energy business. Our background encompasses operationsdue diligencetransaction management, and financial strategy.

We use our broad background to provide cross-disciplinary support on every client engagement. We ensure that:

  • Operational details are incorporated into processes such as negotiating purchase agreements or managing RFPs from the start of the process.
  • Financial planning is grounded in operational realities, and operations strategy supports financial targets.
  • Due diligence analyses reflect real-world risks, transmission or marketing constraints, and competitive positioning. Hamed SaberUnique Capabilities

We use our operations, risk management, and engineering experience to help our clients avoid the real-world risks involved in structured transactions, strategic planning, resource management, and compliance. We use our executive management experience to help secure each client’s future financial position against the downsides of hidden risks that can surface over the medium and long term. This unique combination of breadth and depth ensures strong support for client projects. paul bicaBusiness Results Focus

We always put your business results first. That means when the stakes are high, our clients can count on us for honest, reliable advice and support.




Tree Parade

A Strong Track Record

We are proud of our 17-year track history of serving many clients with a wide range of challenges for public power, investor-owned utilities, power plant developers, and Native American tribes.






PartnerWithUsAndOurNetworkPartner With Us and Our Network

Our work in the West and beyond has allowed us to develop a rich network of professional connections at many utilities, regulatory agencies, power producers, energy marketers, and other parts of the industry. This network is both a source of deeper insight into the lager context that our clients operate within and a resource that we bring to bear on each individual client’s needs.


ExpertiseNotBoilerplateRecommendationsExpertise, Not Boilerplate Recommendations

Lands Energy is a small firm with over 50 years combined energy industry experience. That means that every interaction clients have with us is directly with an experienced partner, not a loosely managed associate with limited experience.