Lands Energy is pleased to announce NorthWestern Energy’s 2012 RFP for Community Renewable Energy Projects (CREPs).  The RFP materials may be downloaded by clicking on the links in the outline below.

Please contact Steve Lewis or Tim Castille with any questions and to make sure you receive future e-mail notifications and updates for the RFP.

Upcoming Dates

  1.     Sep. 28, 5:00 pm:        Proposals Due

Revised Appendixes C & D

The revised Appendixes C & D may be downloaded by clicking on the links below.  These documents replace the PPA and Build-Transfer Term Sheets with a PPA Contract Template (Appendix C) and a Build-Transfer Term Sheet (Appendix D).  These revised Appendixes should be used in the preparation of your proposals which are due Friday.

  1.      Revised Appendix C - PPA Template

  2.      Revised Appendix D - Build-Transfer Term Sheet

Draft Contract Forms

Please download the draft PPA Contract Template and the draft Build-Transfer Termsheet by clicking on the links below.  These drafts represent the current state of documents intended to replace Appendixes C and D.  NorthWestern intends to publish final versions that will amend and replace the Appendixes next week.  Comments on the drafts are welcome and an additional webinar will be scheduled if there is enough interest in reviewing the final form documents.

Comments and questions should be sent by e-mail to Steve Lewis and Tim Castille.

  1.     PPA Contract Template

  2.     Build-Transfer Termsheet Template

Second Conference Call

The second RFP conference call was held September 12th.  The presentation from the call may be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

  1.     Main Presentation

First Conference Call

The first RFP conference call was held on August 15th.  The presentation material from the call may be downloaded by clicking each of the links below.

  1.     Main Presentation

  2.     Interconnection and Transmission Presentation

RFP Material (Click each to download)

    NorthWestern CREP RFP.pdf

  1.       Appendix A - Response Template.xlsx

  2.       Appendix B - Letter Agreement.pdf

  3.       Appendix C - PPA Termsheet.pdf

  4.       Appendix D - BT Termsheet.pdf

  5.       Appendix E - Transmission Map.pdf