NorthWestern Energy CREP RFP

Conference Call:

The RFP Conference Call was held on June 24th.  NorthWestern Energy made two general announcements:

  1. As indicated at the first 2014 RFP meeting, the wind integration cost has been reviewed and NorthWestern has determined that all wind projects will be assumed to have the same wind integration costs regardless of location for the purpose of scoring and evaluation purposes.  The slide included in the pre-RFP materials showing concentric zones based on the location from Judith Gap will not be used.  For clarity, the zonal map with the expected transmission upgrade charges will be used as was indicated at the first meeting.
  2. An agreement for the shortlist security requirements will be posted and distributed as a supplement to the RFP materials shortly.

Anybody that was not able to attend the Conference Call and would like a follow up discussion should contact Steve Lewis or Steve Fisher.

RFP Material:

Lands Energy Consulting is facilitating NorthWestern Energy’s 2014 CREP RFP.  Proposals are due on July 14th at 5:00 pm. Please download the RFP files by clicking on each of the links below.  Any questions regarding the RFP should be directed to Steve Lewis or Steve Fisher.

NorthWestern 2014 CREP RFP

Appendix A – Response Template

Appendix B – PPA Contract Template

Appendix C – CREP Build-Transfer Term Sheet

Appendix D – Transmission Map

  PRE RFP MEETING:  An initial meeting was held in advance of the the issuance of the RFP. The presentation and handout from that meeting may be downloaded here:

Pre-RFP Presentation 5-21

CREP Eligibility Handout