Our Due Diligence services help clients who are contemplating large transactions or seeking to better understand the risks and opportunities involved in managing large projects. We focus on equity-based transactions and long-term power purchase or sale agreements.

We use our operations and engineering expertise and our broad experience and network of relationships in the energy markets to provide deeply insightful analysis. Our analysis is augmented with our understanding of:

  • The real-world effect of an asset’s engineering characteristics
  • The competitive positioning of the assets in a transaction
  • The realities of any transmission or marketing constraints
  • The operational risks inherent in the market

Our projects are always well-supported by our consulting staff and not passed down to less-experienced associates, assuring our clients that they have access to the experience and capability to ensure a thorough review process.

Our clients can depend on our expertise to reflect the true intricacies and risks of a deal and best inform the decisions that effect the bottom line and the strategic and wise deployment of capital.