Strategic Planning services help our clients identify and meet the needs of customers and other key stakeholders while maintaining financial stability over the long haul. We help align customer/stakeholder priorities and preferences with prudent financial performance and rate policy.

We have provided strategic finance and risk management leadership for several utilities in a wide variety of environments. We combine this executive experience with our experience in power management, risk management, and other operational disciplines to provide holistic insight into the multitude of factors that can influence financial outcomes.

Our comprehensive planning framework reduces the risk of overlooking key factors that could have a material impact on our clients’¬†strategic objectives.

We work with clients to identify prudent operational and financial targets. Our recommendations align with a high-performing peer group and rating agency guidelines, and over time achieve a desired bond rating. Once these targets are established, we assist our clients in developing the models and tools to accurately forecast operational and financial outcomes over a range of scenarios.

This helps clients better understand the range of potential outcomes with respect to financial and operational targets. We also help clients identify and implement strategies to capitalize on upside opportunities and mitigate unacceptable downside scenarios.

This kind of visibility into financial and operational performance over a chosen planning horizon reduces the likelihood of material surprises, which goes a long way to building and maintaining credibility with customers, rating agencies, and other key stakeholders.